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  • MEND

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    MEND Intervention:

     MEND combines 3 key elements of safe, effective and sustained lifestyle change:

    1. Healthy eating
    2. Regular physical activity
    3. Behavior change

    MEND 7-13 program sessions are 10 weeks, 2 days per week, 2 hours each session.

    • Hour 1
      • Nutrition or Behavior Change with children and their parents/caregivers
    • Hour 2
      • Physical activity session for children
      • Parent discussion for parent/caregiver
      • Hands on sessions in the program include:
    • Grocery store tour
    • Fabulous Food Fest


    MEND programs are the largest and most evaluated child weight management programs in the world. Please be a part of MEND!!

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    For more information about MEND: please call 378-6363.